Hand Warmer – A Mini Recycled Portable Hangboard

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Just another fun, fantastic, mini portable hangboard. The hangboards are printed from 100% recycled plastic and all materials are made in the USA, just like everything we make 🙂

The Hand Warmer isn’t your standard portable hangboard. It has been expertly designed and tested by engineers and climbers alike. We set out to tackle age old problems with new manufacturing and design methods. Along the way we even found that typical wooden designs have an inherent flaw, they all look the same! The Hand Warmer will be available in fun colors, along with fully recycled plastic options. Fret not, we aren’t just peacocking, the Hand Warmers are fully rated, even for weighted hangs! The multiple cord channels will support and level the Hand Warmer in each edge position, and each of the edges are knurled to give the climber just enough grip without hurting their skin, leading to an extremely ergonomic and comfortable device that is bomber and great looking!

Recommended use: General Warmup, Injury Prevention, Rehab

Color Combos

Green & Green, Baby Blue & Grey, Orange & Multi, Army Green & Multi, Yellow & Multi, Deep Red & Multi, Glow-in-the-Dark & Multi, Dealer's Choice, Old Color (non-recycled)

2 reviews for Hand Warmer – A Mini Recycled Portable Hangboard

  1. Jeremy

    Love the choice of colors. I chose green.

    • Chris – Company Owner

      Thanks! The green on green color combo was an instant hit with our testers.

  2. Lee Physical Therapy (verified owner)

    I”m a physical therapist in Chicago that deals mainly with climbing injuries. I see a lot of finger issues. This tool breaks it down to the fundamentals of climbing: building healthy fingers. I tell my patients this is helpful to building healthy strong fingers when it comes to climbing. I’ve seen finger issues straight for 7 years now and essentially fingers break down over several years because of repetitive stress and relying on a single way to crimp. having a tool like this is convenient and effective to train your fingers to have an arsenal of crimping methods so the stress is spread across the finger rather than having a focal point and then the dreaded “POP” while trying to wrestle with pebbles.

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