We offer a 100% warranty on our hangboards. However we want to know what happened, we are a newer brand and failure is an opportunity to grow, right? Send us a picture via our email or DM our social media, and we will send you a brand spankin’ new product. You’ll just have to pay for shipping. Any 3D printed product we make is 100% recyclable so please dispose of the broken product responsibly. *** Stickers and T-Shirts are not applicable for warranty. If you are having any issues with our merch please inform us and we can discuss a solution unique to you.

We will frequently be updating our color options and apologize if the color combination that you originally purchased is no longer available. However, this works both ways, if you want to try out a new color, just ask and we will give you whatever you would like! 


Alright, everyone’s favorite part – legal mumbo jumbo. Just like climbers, lawyers have tons of jargon. Rather than us using confusing language, like you trying to explain to your coworker that free climbing isn’t the same as free soloing, we will save you the hassle by skirting the subject entirely. Just be aware that by purchasing our product, you waive your right to sue for any and all claims resulting in personal injury, accidents, or death. Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity. These products are meant to limit risks to you but be safe and use your best judgement when using our gear. Please treat our gear with the same responsibility and care given to every other facet of climbing. Haste makes waste. Be sure to install our products properly. Warm up, stay safe and injury free, and rock on.

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