About Us

Who are we? What do we provide? Why did we start? What is our aim?

Here at Rock On Climbing Gear, we are an extremely small company who are situated to go head-to-head with any other outdoor brand that makes portable hangboards. We provide solutions to problems climbers lament and problems they don’t even realize yet. 

  • Many portable boards tip out when weighted so we designed our boards with multiple slots to balance and support each edge while being weighted. We even printed instructions into each side of our boards so you know to use it properly. 😊 
  • Wood can become slippery and unsightly if used with dirty greasy hands. Well our plastic boards can be washed with a mild dish soap to return it to its new feel if it starts to feel grody.
  • Our boards are textured to give grip with or without chalk without hurting your skin.
  • Several colors options lower the likelihood that you and another climber have the same portable board lying around the crag. Now you can yard sale your gear without it running off.
  • We are switching our product line over to 100% recycled plastics. You don’t have to contribute to deforestation and landfill waste to enjoy a portable hangboard. 🤘

Our Company

We modernize and improve age old gear by 3D printing fun and exciting gear! A lot of climbing accessories are simple wooden designs that all look and function just about the same. Guaranteed our products will not only feel better, but catch eyes at the crag too!

Rock On Climbing Gear was started when the founder, Chris, got sick of nursing his two simultaneous finger injuries. After attempting to print and use a very rudimentary portable hangboard, he found that it was absolutely riddled with issues. Somewhere in between making a usable board for himself and printing extras for friends, a company was born. Over 25 iterations and a few less clever names later, the Hand Warmer was born. Everything Rock On Climbing Gear produces is thoughtfully designed, tested for strength AND usability, and looks phenomenal. Now you won’t have to worry about taking home the wrong portable hangboard when three climbers show up at the crag with the identical board! We’re excited about the products and are sure you will be too!

Our Team

Our team is, well, just me.

Chris Dodge


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