Hands Warmer – A Recycled Portable Hangboard


We’re sad to announce that we are moving away from offering this product. If you are really stoked on it, email us and we can make it for you. We just want to focus on our one handed boards at the moment.

Our two-handed portable hangboard. Hence “Hand(s)” ha ha ha…

This is the perfect portable hangboard if you want to throughly warm up before trying hard!

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The Hands Warmer is our premier portable hangboard that is really meant to hang and aid in a full body warmup. We love this product for doing pull ups, leg raises, front levers,  etc. While the Hand Warmer is our staff pick for simply warming up to prevent injury, the Hands Warmer is meant to properly warmup before attempting your project!

Recommended use: Full-Body Warmup, Traveling, Sending your Project 🤘


Green & Green, Baby Blue & Grey, Orange & Multi, Army Green & Multi, Yellow & Multi, Deep Red & Multi, Glow-in-the-Dark & Multi, Dealer's Choice


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