Recycled Portable Hangboards 3D Printed in the USA!

Made in USA

Cleveland, OH

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100% Recycled

Gear is also recyclable 🙂

Hand Warmer

Just an awesome addition to your rock climbing bag. Perfect little fingerboard that comes in several colors.


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Hands Warmer

Not just a silly name, the hands warmer can be more useful to warm-up larger muscle groups before climbing hard outdoors.

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We want to see you using our products! Send us a photo of you using our product at the crag, in the gym, or wherever you train and we’ll Venmo you $3 back! All we ask is that you make the photo instagram worthy, maybe even show your beautiful face – don’t be shy! Bonus points if you give us a “Rock On!” 🤘🤘🤘


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Sponsored Athletes

“Strong climbers use our stuff so you should use it too,” right? Joking aside we’re excited to sponsor some truly gifted climbers. Warming up is essential! We help them prevent injury by making sure they’re warmed-up for their first redpoint attempt on their project. Haste makes waste, just warm up!

Markus was the weekend warrior stealing camping by cowboy camping and leaving at sunup. We love to see it.

Markus Kauffman

Outdoor Crusher / Endurance Monster

+5.13 Sport / 5.12 Trad Climber

Way too psyched white water kayaker

Val humbly crushes everyone’s project and doesn’t talk about it at camp. Don’t be a bro, be like Val.

Valerie Shao

Outdoor Crusher / Vagabond

-5.14 Sport Climber

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Worried about plastic gear?

We don’t blame you but rest assured, we have tested our equipment thoroughly. Don’t trust us? That’s fine, we’re only mildly insulted. To win you over, we offer a 100% warranty. Just tell us what went wrong and all we ask is that you pay for the shipping. We will gladly replace the product, we will even send you a new color if you want to freshen up your kit. The plastic is fully recyclable so recycle the broken one and throw away the paracord. Don’t cut down a tree, use 100% recycled plastic!

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